Escape Fitness 32mm x 10m Battle Rope

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Add one of the most challenging exercises out there to your fitness facility using the Escape 32mm x 10m Battle Rope.

By far one of the most underrated and underused exercises in fitness training, the Escape Battle Rope lets you push yourself to new limits in a tough challenge that increases the heart rate while developing grip, core and forearm strength.

A tough workout requires tough equipment – and that is exactly what the Escape Battle Rope provides. Made locally in the UK, these high-quality ropes have been given Escape Fitness’ premier and unique flex training, which means they will move with ease during exercise to provide a challenging upper body workout. Such durable material allows for the Escape Battle Rope to be used in both indoor and outdoor workout sessions, as they can withstand even the most intense regimes. The ropes measure 32mm by 10m, and so are ideal for users of all sizes and ability levels, and the ropes are made using the highest-quality polypropylene fibres that don’t rot away over time, or absorb bacteria or moisture during use.

Want to make a workout even more challenging? Attaching the Escape Battle Rope to an Octagon Functional Frame will push your clients and members towards new fitness goals with a heart-pumping workout. Such an adrenaline filled workout pairs perfectly with strength and power training and is a welcome addition to any small group classes or training sessions.

The Escape Battle Rope can come with a Product Training Workshop, which leaves gym owners and coaches alike fully confident that they have the expertise to introduce battle rope workouts into their sessions. There is a surprising amount of exercises that can be performed, so this workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to excel and make their training programmes more varied and unique. Tug of War, Jumping and Rhythmic Resistance Exercises are just a few of the training options available!

The Escape Fitness 32mm x 10m Battle Rope comes backed with a 1-year warranty for both home and commercial use and is a versatile piece of equipment that can be enjoyed by novices and seasoned athletes alike.


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