ABSOLUTE GYM - Our #1 Full Body Workout Solution

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Absolute Gym ® is the most powerful, versatile, compact and independent, variable, portable home gym system in the world.
It totally replaces the need for free weights, dumbbells, press-up bars and even rowing machines.
You can use it to work abs, triceps, deltoids, lats, forearms, glutes and more. 
In short, you can work every single muscle group.
This product is not just for toning up, it is also used by bodybuilders to drastically increase muscle mass.


Check out this testimonial from Clair who is a nutritionist and works in the fitness industry.  


She said, "I absolutely love it, it's amazing! 


There's no other product quite like it on the market and our standard models can provide resistance from 11kg to over 160kg (YES! 160 kilograms). 

Here's where things get very interesting...

For certain exercises, if you wish, the product design allows the resistance bands to be doubled over, thereby doubling the level of resistance to a maximum total of between 94KG (207lbs) with our standard grade resistance band and 320kg (705lbs) with our professional range.


There are also over 200 exercises that you can do with this product, in our opinion, it is one of the best full-body workout products in the world.


This product was invented by Chris Fish, who himself has been a bodybuilder for over 20 years, uses this product as a replacement for going to the gym.


Check out some of the promo videos(in the image section) to find out what fitness professionals think about this product.  


  • The equivalent weight range provided by the resistance bands means that this equipment is suitable for anyone.
  • You can train light with a resistance of up to 26lbs (12kg) or at much heavier weights of up to 352lbs (160kg) depending on the resistance bands you select.
  • You can train absolutely every muscle group.
  • Absolute Gym® is the equivalent of around 20 different pieces of gym equipment, in one product. It combines all training methods in one.
  • We have identified over 200 exercises and still counting!
  • Absolute Gym® is 100% independent, you don't need anything else, you can train absolutely anywhere, indoors or outdoors, even on top of a mountain! You don’t need door frames, wall brackets etc.
  • The product weighs under 2kg and comes with a free travel bag so you can workout wherever you are.
  • Absolute Gym® comes with a choice of 4 resistance band grades (with 8 bands in each set). The equipment is designed to allow the doubling over of each band if required, all of which is what gives this product an incredible training range.



Resistance Band Grade

Equivalent weight

2 bands attached

4 bands attached

8 bands attached


Up to 26 lbs (12kg)

Up to 52 lbs (24kg)

Up to 104 lbs (47kg)


Up to 44 lbs (20kg)

Up to 88 lbs (40kg)

Up to 176 lbs (80kg)


Up to 70 lbs (32kg)

Up to 140 lbs (64kg)

Up to 280 lbs (127kg)


Up to 88 lbs (40kg)

Up to 176 lbs (80kg)

Up to 352 lbs (160kg)



  • Absolute Gym Box
  • Absolute Gym Foot Plates (two)
  • Absolute Gym Handles (two)
  • 8 Resistance Bands of your specific weight grade, either Standard, Intermediate, Advanced or Professional.
  • Absolute Gym Bag
  • Instruction Manual

Absolute Gym is made from premium materials and has undergone rigorous third-party testing during its development. 

We provide a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee & delivery is FREE for a limited time.


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