Escape Competition Pro Kettlebells 2.0

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Bring industry-leading equipment into your fitness facility with the addition of the Escape Fitness Competition Pro Kettlebell 2.0.

Specially engineered to meet competition standards, the Escape Competition Pro Kettlebell 2.0 is an ideal weight option for seasoned athletes and serious lifters. The kettlebells are identical in size and colour in order to meet rigorous professional standards, but novices will find them easy to use too – having each weight be the same size leads to more consistent training and quicker progression. Weight distribution is now closer to the handle than the base, making for an easier, more secure swing with perfect form without straining the wrists. The base is both wide and flat, and so is perfect for performing both push ups and renegade rows.

Thanks to a new manufacturing process, the Escape Kettlebell Pro 2.0 is even better than before. It has a top powder coating to protect against wear and tear. The weight increment is engraved into the Competition Pro Kettlebell 2.0 itself, and so will remain visible for life with no risk of fading. The handles are made from a cast stainless steel that does not rust.

Kettlebell exercises prove themselves time and time again to be some of the most effective in creating seriously challenging workouts. Swings, squats, presses, and carries are all popular movements to perform, and kettlebells can also be used in more dynamic weight training where neither a dumbbell nor barbell are practical to use. Not only that, but kettlebells are excellent for helping to develop mobility and flexibility – improve tendon, ligament, and wrist strength over time.

For both trainers and coaches, an Escape Kettlebell Instructor Course will help to implement and teach key kettlebell exercises, for example snatches and Turkish get-ups. This will ensure both user safety, as correct movement form will be clearly explained, but also inspiration for those trainers and coaches who want to take their personal training and group sessions to the next level.

In order to keep your Escape Fitness Competition Pro Kettlebell 2.0 in pristine condition, and your users safe from injury and trip hazards on the gym floor, the correct storage facility is essential. We recommend either the Escape Fitness Kettlebell Rack or Cross Hub as a suitable choice.


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