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Set your core on fire with a challenging workout using the Escape Fitness Core Momentum Trainer.

The Core Momentum Trainer, or CMT, enables users to isolate and target core muscles accurately with every workout. The Core Momentum Trainer is equipped with a lubricated steel shot inside that collides with the cavity walls, transferring the force to the user. It takes some effort and practise and learn how to control such intense force, but once you perfect it you will be improving your core strength in no time. You will intuitively know if you have performed a movement correctly as it is very audible when the material collides with the steel shot – you cannot miss the short, sharp sound! If you begin to get tired or lose concentration the noise will change, and so both trainers and gymgoers will immediately know they need to switch things up.

There are 3 available models of the Escape Core Momentum Trainer:

  • 1kg (Green) – ideally suited for high-intensity speed exercises
  • 2kg (Blue) – ideally suited as an introduction to the CMT for new users
  • 4kg (Red) – ideally suited for improving power and strength training exercises

Unsure of how to introduce the Escape Core Momentum Trainer into your training regimes or workout formations? The Core Momentum Trainer Product Training Workshop will equip you with everything you could need to know to introduce this piece of equipment as an effective workout tool.

We recommend storing the Core Momentum Trainer safely and securely using Escape Fitness’ premium RACK5 storage system. A RACK5 can hold up to 15 Core Momentum Trainers at one time, and so is an ideal accessory to keep them close to hand when required, but far removed from the gym floor where they could cause tripping hazards or injury.

The Escape Fitness Core Momentum Trainer comes equipped with a 12-month warranty, so you can rest assured it will remain in premium condition in the face of frequent, intense use.


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