Escape Fitness 2-20kg Urethane Dumbbell Set and 10 pair rack

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Ideal for beginners and those with lighter weightlifting abilities, the Escape Fitness 2kg – 20kg Urethane Dumbbell Set and 10 Pair Rack are an essential addition to any gym.

To provide a huge amount of variety during workouts, group classes and personal training sessions, the following weights come in pairs in the Escape Fitness Urethane Dumbbell Set:

  • 2kg Dumbbells
  • 4kg Dumbbells
  • 6kg Dumbbells
  • 8kg Dumbbells
  • 10kg Dumbbells
  • 12kg Dumbbells
  • 14kg Dumbbells
  • 16kg Dumbbells
  • 18kg Dumbbells
  • 20kg Dumbbells

The 2kg – 20kg Urethane Dumbbell Set helpfully comes with a 10 pair rack that will provide compact, stylish storage for the weights. The pair rack has a small footprint and is deliberately designed to sit as closely to the wall as possible, which prevents the equipment becoming damaged and reduces the potential for injury on a busy gym floor. A user’s ideal weight will always be clearly visible, as the Urethane Dumbbell Set are finished with large numbers displaying the weight in kilograms, allowing for a quick and easy selection.

As part of Escape Fitness’ new range for 2020, the 2kg – 20kg Urethane Dumbbell Set have been designed to last the test of time. The dumbbells have been made using high-quality urethane and the handles are constructed using chrome and have been salt spray tested. The deliberate circle-to-octagon appearance prevents the equipment from rolling when placed on the floor between sets. The badge has been micro-injected and 3D-embossed to ensure it remains in first-class condition over time, and the fixings are made of premium textures, to provide comfort during use and variation to squat and swing grips and movements. The heads are single-piece and finished with precision machined bores. The Urethane Dumbbell Set is protected by a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects, so you can be confident that they will resist damage during heavy use.

The Escape Fitness 2kg – 20kg Urethane Dumbbell Set and 10 Pair Rack can be branded using any gym logo, and so will easily add a professional feel to any fitness environment.


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