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 A versatile tool with numerous configuration options, the Escape Fitness Deck 2.0 unlocks new workout potential for every user.

The Escape Deck 2.0 has three different modes – Step, Ramp and Bench – and a total of 16 possible configuration set-ups that help to create high-intensity full-body workouts. From step classes to circuit training, Bodypump classes to bootcamp sessions, the Escape Deck 2.0’s key strength is certainly its versatility, and it has the potential to be used in almost any fitness environment.

Each of the three modes of the Escape Deck 2.0 offers something completely different. Step mode can be adjusted into different height settings, from low (20.5cm) to work on speed and accuracy, to high (35.5cm) to focus on strength and range of motion. Bench mode allows several free weight movements to be added into training programmes, and Ramp mode has an inclined surface that creates an entirely new step challenge.

The Escape Deck 2.0 has been designed to provide an optimum user-friendly experience. The entire length of the platform can be used to perform numerous movements. The Deck 2.0 features anatomic hot spots and intelligent grip that help exercisers of all ability levels ensure their hands and feet stay in the correct position for every rep. The back rest is adjustable to suit users of all sizes, with the option of 30°, 45° and 70° angles. The Escape Deck 2.0 is finished with an anti-slip rubber surface, to help users stay safe and secure throughout movement. There is a more aggressive tread featured for feet placement, but a softer tread for the hands.

The Escape Deck 2.0 has been built to remain extremely durable and to remain in first-class condition over time. The back rest is adjusted by robust steel tubing, and integrated equipment storage is also included to create a multi-purpose piece of kit that helps to keep the gym floor tidy and free of trip hazards. Handweights and resistance bands, for example, could be stored in the Escape Deck 2.0, for use in high-energy group workouts. Weighing just 13kg, the Escape Deck 2.0 can easily be repositioned around the gym floor depending on preference.

Stuck on how to introduce the Escape Deck 2.0 into your coaching programme? Escape Fitness’ unique ‘Hit The Deck’ programme can be used in every size of fitness session, from large classes to small groups and 1-2-1 personal training. Workout videos, educational materials and even a soundtrack are included to get you started.


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