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Push yourself to the limit with an ever-challenging workout using the Escape Freestanding Punchbag.

Part of Escape Fitness’ new US combat range, the Escape Freestanding Punchbag is a first-class addition to any gym, as it will challenge you as much as you are willing to push yourself. Better still, as it is freestanding by nature, it requires no adjustments, fixtures or fittings to either the floor or ceiling before use , and so it can be easily moved around strength training areas and fitness studios to where it is best suited for a each individual session. The Escape Freestanding Punchbag can conveniently be stored away when not in use, which saves crucial floorspace in a busy training environment.

The weighted base roots the Escape Freestanding Punchbag in place, so you can circle and strike as much as you like in a simple, yet incredibly tough and results-driven workout. The two-part design means it can be broken down and moved in and out of position with ease, and so it is ideally suited for circuit or group workout classes. The Escape Freestanding Punchbag is incredibly durable and comes equipped with a compound foam rubber replaceable tube insert. Not only is this highly resistant to tearing, but it also has an anti-bacterial covering.

Develop technique, try out movement drills and undertake challenging conditioning training using the Escape Freestanding Punchbag. The tube comes with striking markings that highlight eight key focus zones for training. Each punch will replicate a head shot or body blow – just without the need for a human training partner! A user-friendly experience has been kept firmly in mind when constructing the Escape Freestanding Punchbag, and it has been finished with a compressed, laminated roll of EVA form to ensure a consistent density to the punching surface, which allows users to train with or without gloves on. This dual-density layer of foam also ensures that the bag maintains its shape after repeated heavy use – unlike some cheaper, lower-quality plastic alternatives. The bag is designed to allow the user to deliver punches from a short distance, providing a more intense workout.

The Escape Freestanding Punchbag weighs 7.5kg when empty, and 125kg when full. Please note that this punchbag should not be used for kickboxing – it has been specifically designed for boxing only.


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