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Add stylish, compact, and supremely functional storage to any fitness facility using the Escape Fitness Kettlebell Rack.

The Escape Kettlebell Rack will provide an extremely versatile storage solution that will look striking and impressive on your gym floor. Escape Fitness have designed the Kettlebell Rack to be linkable in nature, showing a clear understanding that popular equipment and product trends are ever-changing, and therefore the importance of offering storage that allows you to adapt your fitness space to suit the ever-growing opportunities for workouts and training programme. Although this Escape Kettlebell Rack is recommended for the storage of kettlebells, that is not to say that other equipment and accessories will not be safe and secure here too. Such a strength in build and adaptability makes this a must-have addition to any gym.

Escape Fitness are one of the industry’s leaders in functional fitness equipment, specialising in creating top-quality products for use in weight-training, fitness studios, personal training, and boxing facilities. Most of their research is carried out in-house, so they live and breathe what they do – this is why Escape Fitness are so perfectly positioned to be at the forefront of creating new, exciting workout options that fit the changing requirements of the industry. Adding products from such market leaders to your fitness space will, without doubt, impress your members and make you stand out in a crowded market.

The Escape Kettlebell Rack has the capacity to store either 8 heavy or medium-weighted kettlebells, or alternatively you can store 10 light-weight kettlebells.                                          

Please note that kettlebells themselves do not come with the Escape Kettlebell Rack – any weights you require for your gym, studio or club must be purchased separately.


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