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Add a challenging, yet incredibly exhilarating and entertaining workout option to any training regime with the Escape Fitness Lateral Endurance Hurdle.

The Escape Lateral Endurance Hurdle has been designed for use in heart-pumping cardio and agility drills. The Escape Lateral Endurance Hurdle is made using a high-quality soft memory foam so that users will not hurt themselves should they make contact with the equipment. This reduced risk of injury allows exercisers to push themselves towards new physical limits. The base of the Escape Lateral Endurance Hurdle is deliberately counterbalanced to provide additional stability and support. The Escape Lateral Endurance Handle has been designed by Escape Fitness to provide an exceptional exercise experience, particularly when performing rehabilitation work and high-performance sports training.

The Escape Lateral Endurance Hurdle is not only exceptionally user-friendly, but it has also been designed to be convenient for coaches and gym owners too. They material covering the Escape Lateral Endurance Hurdle is waterproof and so can be used indoors and outdoors and requires minimal effort to clean as it can easily be wiped down. Measuring just 310mm x 600mm x 200mm, the Escape Lateral is compact and so will take up limited space, making it easy to store away when it is not required for use.

Please note that the Escape Lateral Endurance Handle is sold individually, rather than as a set.

The Escape Fitness Lateral Endurance Handle comes equipped with a one-year warranty that covers both home and commercial use, and so can be used anywhere from large gym floors to small fitness studios, and even in the comfort of your own living room.


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