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Develop and improve explosive leg power using the always-popular Escape Fitness Lateral Speed Resistor.

The Escape Lateral Speed Resistor has been developed to provide a safe, user-friendly, and challenging workout experience. The ankle straps are quick-fit and are connected using a sturdy resistance tube that resists wear and tear. The resistance tube is covered with a layer of nylon to further add to its robust nature, and to provide additional protection for the exerciser during movement. The Escape Lateral Speed Resistor also comes with an ankle cuff that is padded to reduce friction during movement – this extra layer of comfort helps the user to focus on their training. The ankle cuff is also adjustable to suit users of all sizes. The Escape Lateral Speed Resistor can be used for both power development in the legs, and to improve joint stability for strength training purposes.

Escape Fitness are one of the industry’s leaders in functional fitness equipment, specialising in creating top-quality products for use in weight-training, fitness studios, personal training, and boxing facilities. The majority of their research is carried out in-house, so they live and breathe what they do – this is why Escape Fitness are so perfectly positioned to be at the forefront of creating new, exciting workout options that fit the changing requirements of the industry. Adding products from such market leaders to your fitness space will, without doubt, impress your members and make you stand out in a crowded market.

The Escape Fitness Lateral Speed Resistor comes equipped with a 1-year warranty that covers with home and commercial use, making it an ideal accessory for diversifying exercise potential in any fitness setting, from large commercial gyms to home workout studios.


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