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Introduce challenging, eclectic plyometric workouts to your fitness facility using the Escape Multiplyo Soft Box.

Escape Fitness specialise in taking traditional pieces of gym equipment and making them perform better than ever before – the Multiplyo Soft Box is no exception. This 3-in-1 box has been designed to fit the same dimensions as the boxes used in CrossFit exercises, and so is incredibly compact with a reduced footprint on a busy gym floor. Fitting these dimensions also means that not only will the Escape Multiplyo Soft Box be suitable to plyometric beginners but can also be used effectively by seasoned CrossFit athletes. The Escape Multiplyo is a single unit that offers three different height options to perform a whole variety of exercises on. Each height is marked on its side in bright colours, allowing users to position the box quickly and seamlessly to jump to their preferred height.

As with all of Escape Fitness equipment, the Multiplyo Soft Box has been designed to last the distance. The same material has been used as is on the Plyosoft Box, which both greats a secure base for jumping on and off, but also ensures that the box maintains its shape, quality and appearance after heavy use. The cover is made from GTEX, which is easy to clean and has been expertly welted over a foam core – you will not find any loose, wrinkled material here! The cover is fastened in place using Velcro, which is much sturdier than the zip that was previously used. The Escape Multiplyo Soft Box will not become unstable during movement, and there are anti-slip landing zones clearly displayed on each of the six sides.

Please note that the Escape Multiplyo Soft Box, as with any piece of plyometric training equipment, must be used on suitable flooring. We recommend Everflex, Energym or Tech Sport flooring as preferred choices to absorb some of the impact of such high-intensity movements on exerciser’s joints.

It is essential that both coaches and gymgoers fully understand how to use the Escape Multiplyo Soft Box to guarantee movements are performed safely and securely. For this reason, a Plyometric Training Workshop can be arranged to share the tips and tricks on how to use the box to get the best results.

You can feel confident that the Escape Multiplyo Soft Box will survive frequent use, and as such it comes protected with a year-long warranty. The warranty covers both commercial and home use, and so is a welcome addition to any gym setup.


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