Escape Nucleus SBX Dumbbells pairs (upto 50kg)

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As Escape Fitness’ entry-level free weight option, the Nucleus SBX Dumbbells Pairs (up to 50kg) are an effective training option that will suit users of all ability and experience levels.

The Escape Nucleus SBX Dumbbells (Pairs) have been engineered by the experts at Escape Fitness to ensure they are robust, versatile, and accessible to users of all experience levels. The Escape Nucleus SBX Dumbbells (Pairs) have been manufactured using premium SBX rubber, a kind which has been formulated exclusively for use in building weighted gym equipment. Not only is SBX rubber both robust and aesthetically pleasing, but it is also more affordable than the traditionally-used urethane – a win all round.

The Escape Nucleus SBX Dumbbells (Pairs) are exceptionally durable, having been permanently bonded with a Chemlok-moulded covering to ensure they last the test of time. The deliberate circle-to-octagon appearance prevents the equipment from rolling when placed on the floor between sets. The badge has been micro-injected and 3D-embossed to ensure it remains in first-class condition over time, and the fixings are made of premium textures using Escape Fitness’ patented technology, to provide comfort during use and variation to squat and swing grips and movements. The Nucleus SBX Dumbbells (Pairs) are equipped with the Escape Fitness patented ‘Dual Lock Plus’ process, are splined press fit at three tonnes and are full penetration welded.

Ideal for kitting out any kind of fitness facility - from a large commercial gym to a sophisticated home gym setup - the Escape Nucleus SBX Dumbbells come in a wide variety of paired weight sizes to suit a whole variety of user requirements:

Available Weights – Pairs: 2.5kg – 50kg (Pairs, moving up in 2.5kg increments)

Available Weights – Sets: 2.5kg – 25kg; 27.5kg – 50kg; 12.5kg – 35kg

With such a wide variety of weights and such a durable construction, the Escape Nucleus SBX Dumbbell Pairs (up to 50kg) are a must-have for any gym owner, coach, or home fitness enthusiast.


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