Escape Octagon 248 WOD BOX

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Add versatile strength training equipment to your gym floor with the Escape Fitness Octagon 248 WOD BOX.

The Octagon 248 WOD BOX is a dedicated frame that can be used for a whole variety of movements, including strength and power exercises and explosive lifts. The open-plan layout of the frame is welcoming to users of all ability levels and is welcoming and accessible - without taking up unnecessary space on the gym floor.

If additional overhead space is required for serious weightlifters who want to power through their jerks and presses without restriction in movement or fear of injury, we recommend upgrading to the Octagon 279 WOD BOX.

The Octagon 248 WOD BOX comes with a whole host of useful accessories, including Catch Racks, Extended Catch Rack Arms, Catch Straps and Pull-Up Bars (for use in bodyweight exercises). The Octagon 248 WOD BOX also comes with full-length Adjuster Teeth to allow for a maximum range of Catch Rack positioning. The inclusion of such a wide variety of accessories allows the Octagon 248 WOD BOX to accommodate users of all shapes and sizes and abilities and in an almost limitless variety of lifting movements.

You have the choice to include optional plate storage facilities when purchasing the 248 WOD BOX, providing further convenience on a busy gym floor.  Barbells can be stored within the legs of the Octagon 248 WOD BOX, which helps to prevent any risk of user injury before, during or after movement.

The Octagon 248 WOD BOX can accommodate a maximum of 2 users at a time, making it an ideal choice for 1-2-1 personal training sessions or supportive paired workouts.

The Escape Fitness Octagon 248 WOD BOX has been built to last the test of time, with a frame constructed using 4mm carbon steel, anti-rust steel weight horns, and a 10-year warranty on the frame for both home and commercial use.


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