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Upgrade any training facility with the addition of the Escape Octagon Half Box.

The Octagon Half Box is a specialist frame that is ideal for users of all ability levels – all you have to do is be serious about your performance. The accessories included with the Escape Octagon Half Box only serve to add even more variety to exercise. The Catch Racks can be used for barbell lifting, and Extended Catch Rack Arms are included for use with squatting and bench pressing – providing an additional layer of safety during movement. Pull-Up Bars can be used for bodyweight movements and there is a horizontal beam for suspension trainers and resistance bands. Full-length Adjuster Teeth are featured to allow users of all ability levels to perform a wide variety of lifts. The Escape Octagon Half Box comes equipped with six weight horns, meaning that weight plates can be safely stored when not in use, and easily accessed when required.

Not only is the Escape Octagon Half Box a first-class piece of equipment for users, but it is also supremely functional for gym owners. The Half Box has been engineered to resist the wear and tear that comes with heavy use in a gym environment – the frame has been constructed with 4mm carbon steel, the weight horns are finished with an anti-rust stainless steel and the adjuster teeth are finished with a galvanised steel. The Escape Octagon Half Box also takes up around half of the space of a WOD BOX, and so is an invaluable asset in a gym where floor space is limited.

The Escape Octagon Half Box comes equipped with a 10-year warranty for both home and commercial use, and so will look firmly in place in any fitness environment.


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