Escape 7ft Olympic Power Bar Barbell (20kg)

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Created with optimum strength training potential in mind, the Escape Fitness Olympic Power Bar is a great all-round piece of weightlifting equipment.

Escape Fitness have always been industry leaders in creating functional fitness products, and their formula for the Olympic Power Bar is no exception. It has been expertly engineered to meet the needs of weightlifters of all ability levels – the shaft diameter of 28mm enables a good grip for most strength training needs. Having a better grip leads to improved training results for key exercises including deadlifts, squats, and presses.

The Escape Olympic Power Bar is manufactured to meet Olympic weightlifting standards, so you can be assured of a high-quality piece of gym equipment. It has a medium diamond knurl, a chrome-plated steel sleeve and chrome-plated carbon steel shaft and bronze alloy bushings that combine to reduce friction, ultimately making weight transitions run more smoothly. The Escape Olympic Power Bar is ideally placed for use in both CrossFit and more generalised weightlifting training, making it a must-have for any fitness environment.

The Escape Fitness Olympic Power Bar comes protected with a 1-year warranty, and so you can be sure that the appearance nor the quality will reduce over time. This is an Olympic weightlifting bar that is designed to go the distance, and so is a must-have addition to any facility that offers strength training, from boutique fitness studios to larger commercial gym.


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