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Add intense resistance movements and sequences to any training regime using the high-quality Escape Fitness Power Tubes.

Each of the Escape Power Tubes comes in a standard length of 1200mm, regardless of their resistance level. This allows users to seamlessly transition between levels when they are ready, with limited adjustment to technique required. The Escape Power Tubes are both user-friendly and robust, as the tube itself is covered in a protective outer layer to prevent damage and user injury during use.

A whole host of banded exercises can be performed using any one of the Escape Power Tubes, including: front squats, bicep curls, bent over rows, leg curls, push ups, chest press, side raises, and tricep extensions. The list is so extensive that the Escape Power Tubes provide excellent value for money - they can be used in so many ways.

There are three different versions of the Escape Power Tubes, each with its own level of resistance that increases as you move up:

  • Level 1 – Purple
  • Level 2 – Green
  • Level 3 – Blue

The Escape Power Tubes are deliberately colour-coded to allow for a quick and easy selection during a busy workout. The Escape Power Tubes are very lightweight, and so are ideal to be used in a variety of different sessions by users of all ability levels – not to mention coaches and trainers who require portable equipment to take around with them while they’re on the go.

To keep your Escape Power Tubes in first-class condition for longer, we recommend purchasing appropriate storage that will keep them secure when not in use. In this instance, we recommend the Escape Fitness Ammo Box to keep the Escape Power Tubes off tidy and removed from the gym floor to reduce the risk of trip hazards.

The Escape Power Tubes come with a 12-month warranty, suitable for both home and commercial use. This multi-functional, durable and portable exercise accessory is a must-have for any fitness environment.


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