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A unique, essential addition to any gym, the Escape Fitness Ridge Roller will be a beloved piece of equipment amongst gym users.

Escape Fitness are pioneers in the functional fitness space and devote countless hours to testing and research to ensure that their products are the best on the market. The Escape Ridge Roller is no exception and has been expertly engineered to replicate the pressure of a sports therapist’s hands during use. The ridged surface allows exercisers to use the Escape Ridge Roller to apply varying amounts of pressure to chosen muscle groups, with the user in full control of the level.

The Escape Ridge Roller has been developed using an exclusive formula and is constructed using an eco-friendly EVA foam. EVA foam provides a whole host of benefits – it is incredibly durable, resists damage and will not break down over time. The Escape Ridge Roller has a deliberately hollow shape with excellent grip, is very portable and can travel around. The hollow core can even present the perfect place to store a bottle of water!

The Escape Ridge Roller is designed to help keep limbs supple and improve muscle flexibility. Deliver a light massage as the foam surface helps to stimulate blood flow. The Escape Ridge Roller can also aid with improving balance and so can be implemented in both warm up and cool downs around your main workout.

Unsure of how to introduce the Escape Ridge Roller into your gym or training sessions? The Escape Fitness Foam Rollers Product Training Workshop will provide gym owners and coaches with the useful knowledge required to introduce foam rollers into their facility safely and correctly.

Please note that if you have any existing medical conditions – particularly any that involve the spine – we strongly recommend checking with your doctor before using the Escape Fitness Ridge Roller.


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