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Add a heart-pumping, calorie shredding station to any workout or training regime using the Escape Fitness Speed Ladder.

Engage your whole body in an adrenaline-pumping workout using the Escape Speed Ladder. From squats to fast feet movements, jumping motions to press-ups, a whole variety of exercises can be performed using the Escape Speed Ladder. Having such a wide range of options means that workouts, circuit training and group classes can constantly be amended to keep exercisers engaged – a win-win situation all round.

The Escape Speed Ladder has been designed with user experience and safety firmly in mind. Each segment of the ladder is soft-sided, which helps to reduce the risk of tripping that can come with a more rigid material. The ladder will however keep its shape when placed on the gym floor, due to the connecting strips. These have been manufactured to be anti-tangle, keep even spaces and stay flat when put into the correct position. Measuring 3140mm x 510mm, the Escape Speed Ladder is suitable to be used by exercisers of all sizes and levels of experience. Want to increase the challenge even further? Connect multiple Escape Speed Ladders together to create longer, larger and more difficult challenges.

The Escape Speed Ladder comes with its own bag, and so can be moved around the gym floor to where is most convenient for a particular workout, can be easily carried around for exercise on the go, and can finally be conveniently and safely stored away when not required.

The Escape Fitness Speed Ladder comes with a 12-month warranty that covers both home and commercial use, and its clear convenience and versatility means it will be a superb addition to any kind of gym, from large commercial settings to your living room or garage.


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