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An all-in-one training bench, the Escape Strongbox Workout Station/Bench is revolutionary piece of equipment that will make your gym stand out from the crowd.

Provide your members with an all-encompassing workout solution with the Escape Strongbox Workout Station/Bench. Combining a training bench, plyo platform and equipment storage, the Strongbox Workout Station/Bench ensures transitions between movements and weights are seamless, speedy and enhance user safety. The bench can be adjusted to suit users of all sizes and a variety of movements, with six levels of incline - 0°, 15°, 30°, 45°, 60° and 80°. The back pads have been designed with user comfort in mind, and their octagon shape provides enough space for a full range of motion while exercising, but also ensures the back is always supported.

The Strongbox Workout Station/Bench comes with three shelves, all of which are protected with integrated ABS plastic covers, and compartment stores (all quick-release), which can store an assortment of the following:

  • 6 pairs of SBX, Urethane or PU Edge Dumbbells (perfect for accommodating users of different ability levels within the same session)
  • 2 GRIPRs
  • 2 Kettlebells (up to 10kg each)
  • Balls
  • Resistance tubes
  • Hooks for resistance bands

Such a wide choice of equipment allows you to programme workouts that encompass cardio, strength and power movements in one high-adrenaline session. The Strongbox Workout Station/Bench is constructed using steel, and so can resist the wear and tear that comes with frequent, intense use in a gym environment.

There are three different purchase options with the Escape Strongbox Workout Station/Bench:

  1. Strongbox Only
  • No Equipment is included


  1. Beginner Strongbox Package
  • Strongbox
  • 6 pairs of Octagon Dumbbells – 2.5kg, 5kg, 7.5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg and 15kg.
  • 2 Rubber Kettlebells – 8kg and 12kg
  • 3 Resistance Tubes – Light Medium and Strong
  • 3kg VertBall Mini
  • 8kg GRIPR Mini

  1. Advanced Strongbox Package
  • StrongBox
  • 8 pairs of Octagon Dumbbells – 2.5kg, 5kg, 7.5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg, 15kg, 16kg and 20kg
  • 5kg VertBall Mini

16kg GRIPR Mini 3 Resistance Tubes – Light, Medium and Strong


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