Escape Studio Handweight Rack (Holds 12 Pairs)

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Store your weights with both safety and convenience using the Escape Fitness Studio Handweight Rack.

Let’s face it – nobody wants equipment storage that is big, bulky, and takes up a significant amount of space on the gym floor that could be used for exercisers and training session. Escape Fitness understand this, which is why the Studio Handweight Rack has a small footprint – measuring just 1460mm by 530mm and 658mm – and can be placed to sit close to the wall if preferred to take up even less space, fitting with even the smallest of workout spaces. The Escape Studio Handweight Rack weighs just 19.3kg before weights are placed on it, and so can easily be moved around to where is most convenient for both coaches and users. The Escape Studio Handweight Rack comes with a sleek silver finish, and so will look the part in any fitness space – from commercial gyms to boutique studios, and even in your living room.

Safety has clearly been considered in the construction of the Escape Studio Handweight Rack, as it helps keep weights organised, neat, and out of the way unless required for workouts. There will be no fear of injury or risk hazard, and selection during workouts will be easy for gymgoers – the weights face outward with the kilogram number clearly displayed. The Escape Studio Handweight Rack therefore is particularly suited to group workout classes, where several exercisers may need to safely grab their chosen weight at the safe time.

Please note that weights are not included with this Escape Studio Handweight Rack, and therefore must be purchased separately.

The Escape Fitness Studio Handweight Rack comes protected with a 5-year warranty, and so you can rest assured that your handweights will remain safe and secure in a storage facility that will last the test of time.


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