Escape Synth-Tech Training Gloves

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An incredibly robust piece of fitness equipment, the Escape Fitness Synth-Tech Training Gloves will be the first choice of exercisers in any kind of gym environment.

The Escape Synth-Tech Training Gloves are the ideal combination of durability and functionality. Escape Fitness are experts in designing products for specific training requirements, and the Escape Synth-Tech Training Gloves are no exception. Strike pads and bags firmly, but in the knowledge that the palm will be cushioned and protected from injury. The Escape Synth-Tech Training Gloves come with Velcro wristbands, which helps you take the gloves on and off with ease, freeing the gloves up to be used in a group or circuit training class. Moisture is absorbed more effectively than traditional PVC gloves as they are injection moulded with one-piece padding.

The Escape Synth-Tech Training Gloves are fitted with mesh panelling that help to improve air circulation, preventing hands from sweating during use and helps the gloves dry quickly after use. The gloves come in different sizes – a 10oz pair and a 12oz pair - to ensure there is an option for all users. The Escape Synth-Tech Training Gloves come in a variety of colours – black combined with red or green to add a splash of colour to your facility, or all-black for a striking, professional feel.

The Escape Synth-Tech Training Gloves can be used in a whole host of workouts, both with partners and punchbags. Facilitate a boxing training session that will make your clients work up a sweat, by combining boxing movements with jump rope and running circuits.

Packing a punch both literally and in value for money, the Escape Synth-Tech Training Gloves will help users perform at their highest level of fitness.


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