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Challenging yourself to an interesting, challenging full-body workout using the Escape TIYR.

An inspired piece of gym equipment, the Escape TIYR is inspired by the original fitness challenge of flipping tractor tyres – the only difference is that it has been optimised to provide a user-friendly experience. It is constructed using recycled foam - there is no risk of coming into contact with a dirty scrap tyre in the gym! Scrap tyres can be difficult to flip, especially the larger ones – at chest height, it will still be incredibly difficult to get the tyre to tipping point. This difficulty has been removed from the Escape TIYR, as the weight has been distributed evenly and so users of all sizes can enjoy a high-intensity workout.

The Escape TIYR comes in four different sizes and weight options: the 40kg TIYR, the 60kg TIYR, the 80kg TIYR and the 100kg TIYR. Such a variety of options means that this is a piece of equipment that can be used by gymgoers of all strengths and experience levels. The base is extra durable to provide safety as you exercise, as it will not rip or tear at any point before, during or after movement.

For those who are unsure of exactly how to introduce the Escape TIYR into their coaching programme, fear not – a TIYR Product Training Workshop can be arranged to demonstrate how it can be introduced to clients and members in a safe and effective manner.

The Escape TIYR comes protected with a 12-month warranty that covers both commercial and home use. This simple yet innovative and incredibly touch piece of equipment is a welcome addition to any kind of workout session, from personal training sessions to individual strength training and group bootcamps.


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