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Add a functional piece of equipment with a whole host of health benefits to your gym with the Escape Fitness Ultraflex Soft Roller.

The Escape Ultraflex Soft Roller has been expertly designed to have the perfect proportions of size and diameter to provide optimum comfort levels to users of all sizes. The Ultraflex Soft Roller is constructed using durable urethane, and so it will not bend or sag during use or over time. The use of urethane - a non-porous material - also makes the Escape Ultraflex Soft Roller easy to keep clean, as it resists picking up dirt and is quick to wipe down after use.

The Escape Ultraflex Soft Roller is designed to help keep limbs supple. Deliver an effective massage as the dimples on the surface help to stimulate blood flow to effectively release self- myofascial.  The Escape Ultraflex Soft Roller can also aid with improving balance and so can be implemented in both warm up and cool downs around your main workout.

There are two different versions of the Escape Ultraflex Soft Roller, each with a different level of firmness that will cater to different users and their needs. Alongside the Escape Ultraflex Soft Roller sits the Ultraflex Hard Roller. This roller is suited to more experienced exercisers who want an intense massage that targets deeper muscle tissue. Both are lightweight and so are incredibly portable.

Unsure of how to introduce the Escape Ultraflex Roller into your gym or training sessions? The Escape Fitness Foam Rollers Product Training Workshop will provide gym owners and coaches with the useful knowledge required to introduce foam rollers into their facility safely and correctly.

The Escape Fitness Ultraflex Soft Roller comes equipped with a 12-month warranty that covers both home and commercial use, and so is a stylish addition to any fitness facility.


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