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Part of Escape Fitness’ new range for 2020, the Escape Urethane Dumbbells have been designed to last the test of time.

The deliberate octagonal appearance keeps the equipment rooted in place on the floor between sets. The use of robust urethane to make the single-piece heads in manufacturing these dumbbells is deliberate, as it is long-lasting and resistant to damage over time. The bores have been precision machined which only adds to their durability.

The Escape Urethane Dumbbells are incredibly user-friendly. A huge variety of weights are available to match different strength and experience levels, and each pair is clearly distinguishable as they are finished with a strikingly bright colour-coded end plate, making weight selection a quick and seamless process on the gym floor. From heavy lifting to light home workouts, there is no better choice than the Escape Urethane Dumbbells.

To keep the Escape Urethane Dumbbells in pristine condition for as long as possible, we recommend a high-quality storage. The Escape Fitness Horizontal Rack, Cross Hub or Dumbbell Shelf (a Storage Hub Attachment) would be suitable to help keep your pairs safe and secure when not in use.

For both trainers and home gym owners, an Escape Dumbbell Training Workshop can be provided to introduce key dumbbell exercises. This will ensure user safety, as correct movement form will be clearly explained, but also serves as inspiration for those trainers and coaches who want to take their personal training and group sessions to the next level.

The Escape Fitness Urethane Dumbbells are finished in a striking black coating, and so are sure to make your fitness facility stand out from the crowd.


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