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A popular, smaller alternative to the popular Vertballs, the Escape Fitness Vertmini (up to 5kg) is the perfect introduction to medicine ball workouts.

Ideal for those who are brand-new to using medicine balls, the Escape Vertmini has been designed with user experience in mind. It is more compact than the Escape Vertball, with a diameter of 21cm and has a similar diameter to a football or netball – this means it is ideal for both mobility training and paired workouts. The outer surface too is softer than other, more traditional medicine balls, and so is less intimidating to less experienced users.

Five brand-new weight options have been added to the Escape Vertmini range to add even more versatility than before. Each Escape Vertmini is colour-coded with the weight in kilograms displayed prominently to allow for a quick and seamless selection on a busy gym floor. The new weight options are as follows:

  • 1kg Vertmini – Green
  • 2kg Vertmini – Blue
  • 3kg Vertmini – Red
  • 4kg Vertmini – Grey
  • 5kg Vertmini – Black and White

In order to keep your Escape Vertmini in premium condition for as long as possible, you will need to use the correct storage facility. We recommend any of the following to keep the Escape Vertmini secure when not in use and visible to gymgoers:

  • Escape Fitness Medball Rack – Stores up to 5 Vertminis
  • Escape Fitness Medball Rack – Stores up to 10 Vertminis
  • Escape Fitness RACK5 – Stores up to 20 Vertminis

Need some advice on how to use the Escape Vertmini in your gym? Add it to energetic team games for a fun, high-cardio training option. The surface has a sure grip that ensures both throwing and catching movements to be performed with correct form and optimum precision. An Escape Fitness Power Training with Medicine Balls Product Training Workshop can also be arranged, which equips trainers and coaches with the knowledge they need to teach how to best use medicine balls to work the whole body.

The Escape Fitness Vertmini comes backed with a year-long warranty that covers home and commercial use, unlocking its potential to be used in any and every fitness environment.


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