Jordan Airex FitLine 140 - 10 mm Sports Mats - 140 x 60 cm

Jordan FitnessSKU: JLSM10-CH

Color: Charcoal

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This Fitline140 AIREX Mat is an extremely lightweight exercise mat with a stylish rib design, perfect for commercial gyms and home gyms alike.

Ideal for studio workouts, yoga, pilates, and stretching, these mats are extremely durable, sweatproof and hard-wearing, a great investment for a fitness space.

  • Surface structure and special foam technology prevent slipping
  • Soft, supple and cushioning insulating provides ultimate comfort
  • Yielding and supportive, it's absorption material offers protection against injuries
  • Ultra-hygienic and simple to clean due to its antimicrobial finishing
  • Available in a choice of two colours: Charcoal Grey and Water Blue (Teal like colour).

Dimensions: Approx. 55.1" × 23.6" × 0.4"
Weight: Approx. 1.3kg


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