Primal Strength 230cm Olympic Deadlift Bar

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A deadlift bar is a wonderful additive to any commercial or at home gym set up. If you want to lift more, investing in a deadlift bar will get you much further than a conventional Olympic Bar. A deadlift bar, like this 230cm Primal Strength option, is specifically designed for deadlifting higher amounts of weight. The Primal Strength Olympic Deadlift Bar is equipped with a longer overall length and a thinner diameter than its competitors, this helps the lifter with both an easier grip (27mm) and an increased whip (190,000 PSI) when pulling. This increased flexibility of a Primal Strength Olympic Bar means that gymgoers and athletes can pull from a higher point before the weights break off the ground, which in turn can increase the amount of weight the user can lift. So, if you are after quick gains this is the perfect bar for you, it could also be a wonderful addition to a dead lifters collection.

In deadlifting it is known that heavier the load the better the bend, the aggressive grip and the enduring length of this deadlift bar ensures can allow for more bend from the floor on heavier training loads, helping provide you with the best possible workout. The bar has a sleek and seamless design that would slot well into a bumper plate or training zone, ionised in black over time it takes on a beautiful and natural steel patina. Team with Primal Strengths bumper plates for the perfect deadlift experience. At The Fit Company all of our equipment is tested for safety, security and quality so that you can be sure you are getting the best product available, at the best price possible. Shop our vast range of bars, disks, tiles, plates and machines today to start your perfect workout tomorrow.


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