Primal Strength 7ft Heavy Dual Olympic 8 Needle Bar

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The Primal Strength 7ft Heavy Dual Olympic & Needle Bar is one of Primal Strength’s bestselling Olympic bars due to its extremely durable nature – no matter how intense the Weight-lifting, Power-lifting or Crossfit workout.

The “It’s Heavy” bar is a 28m ionised black bar with a snap-ring end, and is manufactured out of High-Tensile Steel – all of which helps to protect it against the wear and tear common in a weightlifting environment. This Olympic bar has been designed with user experience in mind - the use of 8 needle bearings results in a smoother, frictionless spin. A minimum of 190,000 pounds can be held per square inch and it was also rigorously tested to withstand 1500lb during the manufacturing process. The “It’s Heavy” bar has dual knurls and no central knurl, and so is ideal for Olympic and Power lifting workouts. It also has a regular flex and will always bounce back into place. The bar can be used with any Olympic sized weight disks or iron plates – the expected weight will be correct to within a 0.5% window (+/-).

The “It’s Heavy” Bar comes with a lifetime “no bend” warranty and 3-year warranty that covers the entire bar. Please note however that the “no bend warranty” is only applicable in circumstances where the bar has not been damaged due to poor user practise – for example dropping the bar on a bench, onto spotter arms or non-rubber J-Hooks within a power rack, or frequent dropping with poor bumper, rubber The “It’s Heavy” bar is protected only when used with high-quality plates, so we suggest pairing it with Primal Strength Coloured Bumpers, Virgin Rubber Bumpers or Nero Grain Bumpers. The warranty is also not applicable if the “It’s Heavy” Olympic bar has been inappropriate stored.

The Primal Strength 7ft Heavy Dual Olympic & Needle Bar will last a lifetime and is the ideal accessory for any gym environment – from large fitness studios to small personal training hubs and home gym setups. The “It’s Heavy” bar comes in a Matte Nero coating.


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