Primal Strength Rebel Commercial Fitness Camouflage Powerbag 30kg (Black ends)

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Add some variety of the heavy-duty kind to your workouts with the Primal Strength Rebel Commercial Fitness Camouflage Powerbag 30kg (Black Ends).

An essential accessory to any functional fitness space, the Commercial Camouflage Powerbag has been manufactured to go the distance. The outer material is made with heavy-duty fabric, purposefully engineered to prevent any ripping, or tearing that can come with frequent use. The Commercial Camouflage Powerbag is protected with a 1-year warranty that even covers any manufacturing issues that have come with the bag, and so it is ideal for commercial use. Please note however that this warranty becomes invalid if the bag is damaged through poor user treatment, for example dropping the Commercial Camouflage Powerbag onto tough surfaces.

The Commercial Camouflage Powerbag has been designed with ease of use in mind, and so the kilogram weight is colour-coded, with the kilogram weight number also prominently displayed on the ends of the bag. In this instance, the 30g bag ends have been finished in a striking Matte Black, but there are other colours and weight sizes available. The Commercial Camouflage Powerbag can be purchased in a range of sizes from 5kg to 30kg.

Supremely functional and robust, the Commercial Camouflage Powerbag will fit perfectly into a whole variety of workout routines and fitness spaces. Many different exercises can be performed with the Commercial Camouflage Powerbag, including walking, curtsy and split lunges, back squats, upright rows, and mountain climbers, so you can always continue to diversify your movements and push yourself to the limit.

Need a storage solution? The Primal Strength Rebel Commercial Fitness Camouflage Powerbag 30kg (Black Ends) are designed to be compatible with the Rebel Commercial Fitness 4 Pair Powerbag Stand.


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