Primal Strength V2.0 Commercial Half Rack (Red)

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A standard setter in the industry, the Primal Strength V2.0 Commercial Half Rack brings a whole host of accessories to upgrade a popular rack. 

This Commercial Half Rack has been built using 3mm thick, 11-gague steel. There is a matching platform to the Primal Strength Full Rack. This is to allow heavy rack pulls from the safety spotters. Beginning at 50cm, the spotters are 61cm long and are protected with a large re-imposed 6mm triangular structure and metal pop-pins. The apparatus has a flat base with larger supports to provide a walk-through layout and extra frame support, alongside allowing a 500kg weight threshold and providing space for any bench to be used in the area. You can attach this rack to other Primal Strength racks to create a full system. This Commercial Half Rack can be installed either free standing or fastened to the ground.  

Additional accessories that present new opportunities for strength training exercises include:

  • Olympic bar holders
  • Standard and thick chin-up bars, equipped with thick-grip for ease of use. These can be set at various heights for use in chin-ups and muscle-ups
  • Multi-handle and swivel attachments of varying thickness that turn 360 degrees and give you the opportunity to try Primal Strength’s exclusive Chin-Up Challenge
  • Wall-climbing dome attachments to improve grip strength
  • Landmine Row Attachment and T-Bar handles, giving you the opportunity to add landmine shoulder presses, lunges with rotation, and heavy T-Bar rows to your workout program
  • A Stealth Dip Attachment (optional)

Laser-cut holes in the frame enable high-quality rubber-moulded Sandwich J Hooks and spotter catchers to be set up to suit the height of any user – the safety spotters can even be installed low enough for rack pulls.  The frame also has modifiable holes for use with chin-up bars.

All Primal Strength racks are compatible to sit within the apparatus, as are the adjustable Box Bench, Monster FID Bench, Spyder 2.0 Commercial Bench and the Stealth Commercial Fitness FID Bench. All Primal Strength Olympic bars can be used with this equipment.

This Commercial Half Rack is backed with a full-frame lifetime commercial warranty, so you know your equipment will last.


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