Spirit Fitness CRW800 Rowing Machine (Black)

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A high-performing rower with a whole host of added benefits, the Spirit Fitness CRW800 Rowing Machine (Black) is a striking addition to any gym.

The Spirit Fitness Rowing Machine has been designed to be as convenient as possible for busy gym owners. The frame, constructed using robust steel, sits at only 20 inches tall and so takes up limited space on a busy gym floor. Not only that, but it has been designed to fold away – meaning it can be safely stored when it is not needed. The ergonomic handle is padded for both user comfort and to reduce the chance of damage through frequent use. The interactive button on the handle can helpfully indicate low battery.

The Spirit Fitness Rowing Machine has also been engineered to provide a premium user experience. The seat is thickly padded to provide comfort during exercise, and the console can be moved up, down, or re-angled to ensure it is clearly visible for all heights of user. The footrests are flexible so as not to inhibit rapid movement and they have clearly visible number markings that can be adjusted for foot size. Alter your resistance level without interrupting your workout using the button on the handle.

Perhaps one of the greatest features of the Spirit Fitness Rowing Machine is the interactive console.  Access all of your workout data including your heartrate, stroke rate, distance and time all at once on the brightly lit 5.5-inch screen. There are 16 different levels of resistance with many different workout options available so you can keep your exercise routine variable, challenging, and fun! You can programme in the number of calories you want to burn and the Spirit Fitness Rowing Machine will set you a corresponding distance to row; you can set up challenging interval training with varying levels of resistance; work on your strength; get your heart pumping with the cardio setting; or even try to avoid obstacles on the screen by rowing faster. The choice is yours, and the options are endless!

The Spirit Fitness CRW800 Rowing Machine has been finished with a robust powder paint coat, so you can rest assured that your machine will look the part and go the distance.


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