Physical Company TuffTech PU Dumbbells (Pairs)

Weight: 2kg (2x 1kg Dumbbells)

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Please Note: The weights of these dumbbells is the total weight of the pair. Not per individual dumbbell. (The 10kg pair consists of 2 x 5kg)

Avoid plateauing in your strength training by incorporating dumbbells in your workouts, which allow you to increase the weight in small increments and target the muscle from different angles.

Activating fibres in your stabilising muscles to help keep perform the exercise, Dumbbells are not only great for building strength but also increase metabolism helping with fat loss.

Offering a great variety than barbells, our brushed solid steel dumbbells have been covered with a precision cut stylish yet strong polyurethane that have been pressed and welded together for clean aesthetics. Featuring knurled handles to help ensure a comfortable and secure grip.

The subtle hexagon PU ends will help protect your studio/gym floor from scratches and feature raised numbers for easy weight identification.

Stylish and strong Polyurethane ends not only ensure these dumbbells can withstand continuous commercial wear and tear but helps protect studio and gym floors from scratches.

  • Drop tested over 6,000 times
  • Knurled straight handles to help ensure a comfortable and secure grip
  • Raised numbers for easy weight identification
  • Unique registered design
  • Sold in pairs


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